Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More on the COGAT

It's hard to find any material on the Cogat.  So I thought I'd investigate secondary sources, which include the published material of the owner or creator of the Cogat Test, David Lohman.   His web page is on the University of Iowa site, the king of testing.   This is lots of cool stuff.

What I want to point out in particular is one page in a presentation called "Problems in using nonverbal ability tests to identify gifted students."  This is very cool stuff.   I would love to have heard the actual presentation.  I think it's based on this article:  The Role of Nonverbal Ability Tests.  Bottom line, as I've repeated before, emphasize reading.

Anyway, there are 3 sections on the COGAT, verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative.   Since CPS tests start at age 4, one would think that the nonverbal section would be heavily emphasized on this test.  Well, on a slide entitled "Disadvantages" in the referenced presentation is this bullet point:  "Large practice effect".  That's good news.

I showed my son a few of the sample questions and asked if he recognized these.  Couldn't remember.  Where there any pictures on this test?  "Bunches".

The Cogat has been updated so that the ceiling is no longer 150 but 160.  So if parents start reporting scores above 150, we may be on to something.

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