Friday, July 13, 2012

Sanity Check on TOOLS

I've been reviewing the TOOL program for pre-school which I learned about from reading Nurture Shock.   I'm especially interested the high percentage of seats in GAT programs taken by  preschool TOOL alumni.

You can read it on this web site for more details, but the gist of it is a play, scenario, and activity based curriculum, as a precursor to reading, math, or critical thinking.  There are elements also seen in Waldorf and Montessori.

My GAT prep curriculum is reading, math, and critical thinking based for kid #2.   For kid #1, I didn't have one, and I do remember us spending hours working on various projects, mainly building and scenario play from age 2 until now.  Then when he got into a GAT program, I made a list of the attributes and characteristics of the other kids, and put together a program to foster these in kid #2 so that they could hopefully go to the same school some day.

If TOOLS does such a great job fostering concentration, motivation, as well as general "giftedness" as defined by CPS, should I move toward that?   Should I develop a play based home study curriculum?

Or, can I just teach advanced reading, math, and critical thinking and worry about projects later?

Maybe the path to GAT doesn't have to be so painful.  Maybe it can just involve playing.

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