Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Second Child Strikes Back

As you may be aware, I'm hoping to have 2 kids in the same program on the first try (for each), an (almost) unprecedented achievement.

I know a few families with super smart children of parents with multiple advanced degrees who do nothing with their kids but let them get smarter and eventually succeed getting siblings into the same GAT program in later grades.

This year, 2 of my son's classmates now have a sibling starting in the same program on the first try.

I'm going to take full credit for going down to these people's houses and basically chewing them out for not doing enough for child #2, who is obviously smarter than the older brother and has gotten the short end of the stick since they were born.  And by the way, here's some super hard material you can use to catch up so get to work.

Now the pressure is on.