Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Worst Parent Forum In the World

Occasionally I attempt to survey the web in the hopes of finding something intelligent about test prep that isn't a thinly veiled advertisement.  I've had no luck.

I have, however, repeatedly encountered what I consider the worst of the worst of parent forums.  It's called

Here is their take on test prep. Most of the posters seem to feel like cognitive ability is determined at birth and fixed forever, despite no scientific evidence to the support this data view, and a growing body of evidence to the contrary.    The majority feels that test prep is unethical because it would unfairly allow a genetically inferior lower intelligence person into an accelerated program, thereby depriving a genetically superior child of their right to a spot.

Along come those ignorant of this position prepping away like Tiger mom's, disrupting the order of things.

In fairness, I don't see the rancor or pettiness and lack of intelligence on the rest of the blog that I see on the test prep threads.  It seems to be a sound forum for the most part.

They should kick out the test prep posters.  They're giving intelligence a bad name.

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