Saturday, September 22, 2018

Test Prep Season Has Begun!

Registration in Chicago will open next month for their gifted and talented programs which have the code name 'options programs'.  About this time, many parents find out about the gifted and talented programs in their school districts.  Some will not find out until right before the registration deadline in December.

This year, I'm thinking of reserving a room in the library at the end of my block and presenting a free seminar.  Unfortunately, I don't think I have any readers in my neighborhood and I don't have time to advertise.  Also, 'free' makes many parents uncomfortable, including my free consulting, like the work I'm doing with a couple of kids in the 3-4 ranges on my block.

My 10 year old has agreed to film me and he has Adobe Pro, so I think we'll do videos instead.

My target is going to be K-1st grade for a couple of reasons.  First, there is plenty of material on the market for this age group and none of it is mine so I don't have to sell my books, as awesome as they are.  Secondly, this is the most competitive of all age groups and there's nothing more enjoyable than a daunting competitive challenge.

Chicago has reorganized their GAT programs recently so most of the slots are for Kindergarten.  Personally, I think 2nd grade is a better grade for waking up early to catch a 7 am bus, but a program is a program.

I need a catchy title for my series, like '100% Guaranteed Pass Rate For Less Than $100 of Books Except You May Not Get Your Act Together On The First Try Or Your Child May Have A Bad Day', only shorter.


  1. Hi. Where do I find link to all your books?

  2. This link will give you a list of any book I recommend.