Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Vocab Wall

This replaces the word wall from a year ago.  10 minutes a day of reading (starting with 3 letter word cards) really adds up.

On the right is the list of 10 words from Vocabulary Workshop, First Grade, Unit 1.   While my younger son many not pick up all of the words, my older son is learning the nuances of definition in this list.  In the bottom right is a picture that distinguishes run, run away, and flee.

I subsequently added a knight to distinguish brave (knight fighting dragon) from bold (Spiderman just swinging at nothing).  We've been adding synonyms as they come up.

The list on the bottom left contains some other lame website's top 150 words used in 4th grade (common core).  This is a reference to motivate us.  I asked older son to randomly check off things he knows, but this is a painful, ineffective process that I tried again.  I'm going to order the rest of the series and start my older son on 3rd grade Vocab Workshop.

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