Monday, March 24, 2014


The scores came today.  My son's score is about 15 points higher than the current cutoff .

I'm disappointed my son didn't score a 593 out of 160 because of all of the test prep we did. 

Watch this blog in the coming months.   For every book review or tip that I've put out here, I have many, many more that I couldn't post because of the time I've been putting in to the possibility I'd have to do it all over again.  Or the fear therein. You'll see my blog summary change accordingly.

Going from average to exceptional for the day of the test has been quite a ride.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letters Mailed Tomorrow

The letters for CPS are being mailed tomorrow.   Since my mail carrier has a restraining order on me, I will just have to sit and wait at home, instead of idling my car outside of the post office at 6:00 until she begins her route while I drive slowly behind her until she gets to my door.

It seems like has put more emphasis on high school.  I just don't see the buzz there yet.   I suppose there are more parents stressed out about choice of high school, which I suppose is important, instead of Kindergarten, which I suppose is not important.

Half of me would like to see both of my kids in the same school, and half of me would like to spare my second son the ridiculous work load so he can just coast through grade school and go to Northside College Prep quite refreshed.

There's a 99.8% chance that I won't have the choice.