Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When to Apply for Options

Today is the day to apply for the options program for CPS.  The deadline is December 9, which is in 2 days.  If you apply today, it means that you can't use the online process and have to submit the form by mail which is a bonus because it further delays the process, and you will be totally stressed out that your letter will get lost.

Why is today the day?  If you applied in early October when applications are first accepted, you would normally be assigned a testing date within 2 or 3 weeks.   If you apply today, even if you have to fax in your application, and call daily to make sure they got it, your child will get a testing date in late February or early March.

Let me do the math for you.  That's 5 months of maturity and 5 months of test prep.

The scoring process accounts for differences in age in an inadequate way.  It does not account for 5 extra months of test prep.

5 months of extra test prep.   You can do an entire year of math in 5 months, a year of vocabulary workshop, all of the building thinking skills books (minus the verbal section), 2 practices tests, and a lot more.

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