Saturday, September 2, 2017

Test Prep 201 - Figure Matrices

The non-verbal section comprises 4 of 9 sections on the COGAT if you include number analogies, which I do because throwing number analogies on top of other types of shape transformations raises the bar on practice.  I think this area is probably our strongest area.

In fact, here is one strategy to the 3 verbal sections: over prepare on the non-verbal and quantitative sections and hope for the best.  This strategy may not get you to 99%, but it might get you close and I'll explain that next week.  Regardless, there is more coming on the verbal section.

I have been getting lots of requests for help on figure analogies lately, probably because of the over the top section I added to edition 3 of Test Prep Math.  Here is a training video for parents on Figure Matrices.  I typed up a very long dry technical narrative and switched to video.   It looks a lot like how I coach, only super fast and I do all of the talking.  The bad news is that I really need some editing software and I sound like I grew up in Indiana and I'm a geek.

I'm also getting lots of questions on the verbal section, especially by a few Tiger Readers.  In their honor, I'm going to follow up 201 with 202 - Verbal.   Figure matrices and verbal are very similar in all things but content.

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